Why I Remain a Console Gamer

NESI admit it: the case against console gaming grows every hardware generation. The previous generation saw mandatory installs, online passes, nickel-and-diming, hardware instability, and more expensive games becoming a disturbingly regular occurrence.

I’ve complained in the past about console gaming becoming worse than PC gaming, and when I read that article again today, it still makes sense to me. And yet, I’m still here; I’m still a console gamer.

Make no mistake, I detest what console gaming has become. The games today may be prettier, longer, and more engaging, but many of the industry’s practices has made it more difficult for me to stay.

I do, however, have five compelling reasons why I stick around. Compelling for me, at least. Here they are:


Next Batman game’s Gotham City might look abandoned again

Arkham Knight1Yesterday (at least on this side of the world), we were treated to a deluge of previews for the upcoming Batman: Arkham Knight, which marks the return of series creator Rocksteady Studios. The last game, Batman: Arkham Origins, was developed by Warner Bros. Games Montréal.

Arkham Origins received pretty good reviews, but many critics considered it the weak link in the highly acclaimed series. Despite featuring prettier visuals and a larger virtual sandbox, Arkham Origins was decried for being derivative of Arkham City, its predecessor.

Console gaming has become worse than PC gaming

ConsoleGamingI love console games. I was utterly enthralled when I first picked up the Atari 2600’s joystick and played Asteroid. I kept playing games ever since.

What’s not to love? Pop any game in and you know it’ll work. I can relax on the couch and enjoy a console game for hours on end without any problems.

I like PC gaming too. I started playing PC games during the 1990s during the heyday of Diablo II and Counter-Strike, but I noticed that PC gaming is quite bothersome. I had to deal with driver updates, hardware configurations, overall compatibility, and the cost of the PC itself.

Unlike a good gaming PC, which cost an arm and a leg, the video game console itself is more affordable. Console games may not be as pretty as PC games, but I can easily start playing without any hassle.

And then the current generation happened.

Sleeping Dogs review (PS3)


Sleeping Dogs shouldn’t be here. The sandbox video game was canceled by Activision because the publisher felt it wasn’t good enough. And yet, it found its way into Square Enix’s welcoming arms and was eventually released. So which is it really? Is Sleeping Dogs really “not good enough” as Activision believed, or is it a sandbox game worth playing? We drive, kick and shoot our way to find out.

Dead Space 3 doesn’t seem like its scary old self

So you liked Dead Space and its sequel. Many people do. Present company included. But what about the upcoming Dead Space 3? Do you think it’ll be as creepy as the first two? Have a gander at some gameplay videos to get an idea.


Game Release Dates for 2012 That You Should Pay Attention To

Assassin's Creed 3If you’ve been paying attention to the calendar, October is fast approaching. And you know what that means: the last quarter deluge of highly anticipated console games are coming. Yes, it’s going to rain console games, so there’s a good chance your wallet is going to remain empty (or short) for the rest of the year.

To help you prepare for this year’s console games onslaught, here are the game release dates that we think you should pay attention to: