Kerbal Space Program is coming to consoles this week


Remember that goofy-yet-realistic space flight simulator for the PC called Kerbal Space Program? It was so good that NASA and businessman/engineer/inventor Elon Musk publicly expressed their love for the game.

According to Kerbal Space Program developer Squad, the game will be available in the U.S. via digital download on PlayStation 4 this July 12 and Xbox One on July 15.

For the uninitiated, Kerbal Space Program lets you build your own spacecraft, launch it into space, explore the galaxy, and visit planets – or blow everything up in the process. If you do manage to visit deep space with your creation, the game lets you capture asteroids, launch mining programs, and build space stations.

What’s particularly interesting about the console versions of the game is its controller support. The original PC version had you navigating its many menus with the mouse; on the PS4 and Xbox One, you can run your space effort by pressing a few buttons. Have a look:

Squad also announced that the Wii U version will arrive in Winter 2016.