Gears of War: Tactics gameplay leaked

Gears of War Tactics
In 2009, Microsoft gave Halo the real-time strategy treatment with Halo Wars. Apparently, Gears of War was supposed to be next. But there’s a twist: the aptly-named Gears of War: Tactics was going to be for the Kinect.

VG Leaks recently got hold of some leaked footage for the game, but you’ll have to head on over there to see it.

Based on what’s shown, Tactics seems to require a bit of precision, particularly when selecting your troops and pointing out where you want them to go. I’m not sure how fun this would be though, especially when you consider that both versions of the Kinect aren’t very accurate.

Apparently, developer Microsoft didn’t think much of Gears of War: Tactics either because they ended up cancelling it.