How to drive better in Watch Dogs

Want to drive better in Watch Dogs? Learn to drift.
Want to drive better in Watch Dogs? Learn to drift.

Many don’t seem to be too pleased with the Watch Dogs driving mechanics. If you browse through enthusiast blogs, forums, and social media websites, you might notice that a number of gamers are criticising Watch Dogs’ driving experience, saying that it’s “floaty”, “slippery”, and “inaccurate”.

The disapproval is understandable though; there are several vehicles in Watch Dogs that can be maddening to drive. The sporty ones, in particular, go out of control easily.

Fortunately, there is a way to play the game without slamming into every obstacle. Here are a few suggestions on how to drive better in Watch Dogs.

It’s not always necessary to drive fast

Unless you’re running after someone, you don’t need to drive really fast all the time. You can instead maintain a manageable speed, which lets you steer your car more easily. In fact, you should make it a habit to brake often (L2 for consoles; S for PC) to avoid running into things.

But what if you are running after someone?

Use both brakes simultaneously during sharp turns

Maintaining control of your vehicle can sometimes be tricky when driving at high speeds, especially when making really sharp turns. Because of this, we tend to fishtail, smash into walls, and waste precious time.
This, however, can be avoided by doing the following:

  1. Release the accelerator (R2 for consoles; W for PC).
  2. Hit both brakes simultaneously (L2 + Circle or B for consoles; S + Spacebar for PC) as you turn.
  3. After the vehicle turns, counter-steer by moving the analog stick or direction keys in the opposite direction of the turn. So if you turn right, you should counter-steer to the left. If you turn left, counter-steer to the right.
  4. Once the vehicle straightens out, press the accelerator and continue on your way.

Take note that in Watch Dogs, maintaining control during sharp turns takes a bit of practice as vehicles behave differently. Some are really fast so the timing for the brakes would be a bit different. Similarly, other cars turn more easily so try not to be too aggressive with your oversteer or you’ll have difficulty regaining control.

  • Rachel Wolfe

    Please learn how to spell before writing for a blog.
    When referring to deceleration via the use of friction, the term is brake, not break.

    • Oops, my bad. Harsh! But much appreciated. Thanks for pointing it out. 😉

    • Lobo De Sade

      We all occasionally spell words wrong, be it a typo, or because our minds drift and think of other things, like one time I spelled ‘waste’ as ‘waist’ because my mind drifted, it’s a simple mistake and it happens to everybody, so stop acting so fucking superior, because you’re not, you’re flawed like every other human being that has, or ever will exist.

      • Rachel Wolfe