Top 10 Game Remakes We Want To See (Part I)

Gabriel Knight

Love video games? Then you probably have your own list of game remakes you’re aching to play. And perhaps some of these games haven’t had a new installment in quite a while, so you’re probably aching for one with all the new bells and whistles. The list you see below are five of the top 10 game remakes we at Console Gamer want to see.

Gabriel Knight

Despite its fairly clumsy third installment, the Gabriel Knight games were one of the best that adventure gaming had to offer during the 1990s. Sins of the Fathers, the first game, was an excellently written detective-style supernatural thriller filled with memorable, well fleshed-out characters.

The second, The Beast Within, made use of FMV—a technology popular at that time—but was as dark and extraordinary as the first. To be fair, Blood of the Sacred, Blood of the Damned (the third game) was also an entertaining escapade, but its use of full 3D visuals, which was just taking off at that time, could’ve been better.

Why it needs a remake: Unfortunately, the third and last game left many questions unanswered. A fourth Gabriel Knight game would hopefully answer these. But aside from pleasing series fans, a new game in the series would be appreciated by any gamer who likes a great detective/supernatural thriller starring a fascinating anti-hero—as long as the mechanics are modernized and well executed, of course.


Crusader No Remorse
The gratuitous violence in the Crusader series puts modern shooters to shame.

During the 1990s, PC gaming was dominated mostly by first-person shooters. But when Crusader: No Remorse came along in 1996, gamers took notice of the rather unique hyper-violent third-person action game. Crusader allows players to destroy most of the environment (something shooters then do not have) and kill enemies in so many creative ways. Players can:

  • Set foes on fire and watch them run around burning until they expire.
  • Electrocute people until they turn into vapor.
  • Freeze people into ice and shatter them. You can even see their chunky bits after breaking them apart.
  • Shoot guards until they blow up into chunky bits.
  • Overcook enemies using a microwave gun.
  • Squish people under elevators.

Remember, Crusader was a DOS game made during the 1990s. Imagine what you can do with the game using current technology.

Why it needs a remake: Three reasons:

  • Because Crusader: No Remorse and its sequel Crusader: No Regret are incredibly entertaining games. Their level of interactivity and violence surpasses the relatively tame action games we have today.
  • The voiceless Crusader is so badass.
  • Can you imagine what such a game would look like when remade with a fresh new can of 3D paint and detailed textures?


No, not the recent Syndicate FPS. We’re referring to the 1993 RTS where you put together a team of cyborg agents and complete a variety of missions like assassinations, industrial espionage, rescue, mass murder, and other questionable acts. Upon completing missions, you can research and upgrade your cyborgs to arm them with better parts and weapons.

Syndicate American RevoltThe Syndicate FPS is considered part of the series, but the last time we saw a Syndicate strategy game was 1996.

Why it needs a remake: The early Syndicate games were topnotch strategy titles. The first one was actually considered one of the best games of all time (at least according to Computer Gaming World). If a new Syndicate game were to receive the same level of care, we’re sure it’s going to be another great addition to the series.

And hey, if the original X-COM is getting a remake, why can’t Syndicate?

Vampire: The Masquerade

This one’s a bit more recent. Vampire: The Masquerade has always been a frustration of mine. The two Vampire games were great but incredibly buggy and came out only for the PC, which was unfortunate because more people should play them.

Vampire the Masquerade gargoyleThe first, subtitled Redemption, was about an ancient vampire who woke up in present day. It was well-written, atmospheric and utterly gripping. The second, subtitled Bloodlines, was even better. It was built using Valve’s Source engine and had a cast of fascinating characters, but was released unfinished.

Why it needs a remake: Because Vampire the Masquerade is an excellent RPG system. Shimmering Vampire teen heartthrobs aside, the concept of undead bloodsuckers hiding in plain sight and politicking among themselves is a great RPG concept. A new, well-written, well-developed Vampire game should be a big hit. Who knows? Maybe even among tweens.


If you’re a relatively new gamer, then you’re probably unfamiliar with Ultima. Let me give you a quick primer: it’s the most influential RPG franchise in video game history. Many of the conventions used in RPGs today came from Ultima. Things like party-based combat, open-world gaming, morality in games, talking with non-player characters, and use of the mouse in computer games.

Ultima VIIIWhy it needs a remake: Because it’s one of the most significant game franchises—or perhaps the most significant—in video game history. Something this important can’t just be allowed to fade away. Granted, Bioware Mythic is currently working on Ultima Forever: Quest for the Avatar, which is said to be part of the Ultima series, but we still don’t know how it would turn out.

We have a couple of concerns with it: it’s coming to the iPad and it’s going to be free to play. Nothing wrong being an iPad game; there are actually a number of really good games on the platform. What’s worrying me is that it’s a free iPad game, meaning it’s going to nickel and dime you, and it might not have the same level of sophistication as the earlier Ultima games.

What about you? What are the game remakes you want to see? Share it below! Stay tuned for the rest tomorrow.

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  • Alex

    Yes! Gabriel Knight: Sins of the Fathers is finally being remade!

    • It sure is, Alex. 😉 I couldn’t help but do a little jig when I first found out about it!

  • Martin

    Bloodlines was unfinished? No wonder it played like that.

    • Martin

      Shimmering Vampire teen heartthrobs aside, this was a great RPG. Nice article buddy.

      • Thanks man! Yes, Bloodlines was released unfinished, which is a shame. It should’ve been better than it was. Think about that for a moment–Bloodlines is already terrific as it is, in spite of its embarrassing bugs.

        • Martin

          Whatta shame. You know how to play it on win8? I never got to finish it and now I have trouble running it.

  • Sublimation

    There’s a Syndicate remake, it’s called Satellite Reign, you can pick it up on Steam