Top 10 Game Remakes We Want To See (Part II)

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Last week, we shared the first five game remakes we want to see—the game remakes we’re aching to play, either because their predecessors are classics, or as you’ll see below, because they deserve better. Like you, the idea of seeing these games with updated visuals and new adventures makes me incredibly giddy and willing to throw ridiculous amounts of money at anyone who makes them. Today, we’d like to show you the second half of the top 10 game remakes we want to see.

Top 10 Game Remakes We Want To See (Part I)

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Love video games? Then you probably have your own list of game remakes you’re aching to play. And perhaps some of these games haven’t had a new installment in quite a while, so you’re probably aching for one with all the new bells and whistles. The list you see below are five of the top 10 game remakes we at Console Gamer want to see.

NBA Live 13 cancellation shows what’s wrong with sports sims


NBA Live 13You’ve probably heard by now that NBA Live 13 has been cancelled, making it the third year in a row without an NBA basketball sim from EA Sports. This means it’s the third year in a row that 2K Sports has no competition in the basketball sim subgenre; not that NBA Live was worth playing since 2006 anyway.

This also means that for the third straight year, EA is willing to keep working on a sports game that’s costing them a huge amount of money, not only in development costs but also costly licensing—and they have nothing to show for it.

Think about this for a moment.