Dead Space 3 doesn’t seem like its scary old self

So you liked Dead Space and its sequel. Many people do. Present company included. But what about the upcoming Dead Space 3? Do you think it’ll be as creepy as the first two? Have a gander at some gameplay videos to get an idea.

Look, I know the video is just a 20-minute fraction of the entire experience, but doesn’t it seem a bit more like an action game in some stretches? Not convinced? Take a look at the early sequence in this new video:

That’s not all. Dead Space 3 will have cooperative multiplayer. Let that sink in for a bit.

A survival horror game with co-op–a feature normally found in action games. Dead Space 3 also has a cover system. And rolling. And human enemies. And universal ammo.

Visceral Games, the developer, explained that they’re putting co-op for people who didn’t finish the previous Dead Space games because they were too scary (which was actually the point of survival horror). And get this—they’ve always “intended to have co-op in Dead Space”.

As for the controls, Visceral reasoned that a horror game shouldn’t necessarily have crap controls so they turned Isaac, the protagonist, into an action hero that can roll, hide in cover, kick ass and take names.

The developers are right in saying that horror and great controls can be achieved in games. We get that, really. But when you combine this with action elements like co-op (which eliminates the feeling of isolation) and moves that only an 80s action hero or Special Forces member can do, then it’s no longer a survival horror game.

It’s now a third-person shooter.

Not that anything’s wrong with that! It’s just that the series is about survival horror, not shooter action. It’s like incorporating music game elements into Madden! Okay, so it’s not the best analogy, but you get the idea.

So what do you do now if you’re looking for some scares? You may have to try other survival horror games like Resident Evil.

Oh wait.