How long did your game console last?

Ceramic-White-PS31Last January, my white 40GB PlayStation 3 played its last game. It was Bionic Commando Rearmed. I’ve just defeated the large-wheeled boss that launches grenades at the top of the Area 05 construction site when my television screen suddenly went blank. I thought this was just a reset quirk.

Well, it wasn’t a quirk. It was the dreaded Yellow Light of Death, or YLOD.

The YLOD is triggered when the lead-free solder balls connecting the RSX and Cell chips lose their elasticity and crack, leading to a disconnection in the circuit. Apparently, this is caused by marathon gaming sessions, which I am guilty of, followed by rapid cooling because the game console was immediately turned off, which I also do regularly. Brilliant.

I tried having my game console repaired but oddly, several technicians seemed almost afraid to touch it. One said it would never be the same again.

My PS3 was already four years old when the YLOD hit. Hopefully, I could get it repaired again, but it hasn’t happened yet.

How about you? I’d really like to know how long your game console lasted before it finally conked out. What was wrong with it and what did you do that triggered it?


Wii U to get digital download games

Wii-U1Nintendo is actively moving digital. After recently announcing that New Super Mario Bros. 2 for the 3DS will be sold as a downloadable title, the Kyoto-based game company also revealed that the Wii U will also have downloadable games as well—the Nintendo-published games, at least.

The digital Wii U games can be downloaded through Nintendo’s eShop service. But alas, you still have to purchase the download codes from a retail store, which defeats the convenience of buying online, or through an online vendor.



Buy Mass Effect 3 for 50% off at Amazon


Mass-Effect-3-shooting1If you haven’t purchased your copy of Mass Effect 3 for one reason or another, like you’re concerned about the ending or you’re just short on cash, then great news.

You can buy Mass Effect 3 at half the price in Amazon. Yes, it’s now worth $29.99 for all platforms (i.e. Xbox 360, PS3 and PC). Remember, it’s called “Deal of the Day” for a reason.

Oh, and if you’re still on the fence because of all the negativity about the ending, fret not. The free Extended Cut that Bioware plans to release this summer will add cinematic sequences and epilogue scenes, so maybe the ending won’t be that bad when you do finish Mass Effect 3.